Television, Film, and Digital Production

Beachwood Canyon Productions is a media company formed in 2015. Specializing in television production, it brings modern, nimble, and lateral creativity to content creation.


In the fall of 2017, we shot Yoyo, a pilot for a new sitcom.  Starring Yolanda Yott, the show follows a woman who, in the middle of her life, decides to give up her career and follow her bliss of becoming a ventriloquist.  Her previously bland and boring life is turned upside down, as she learns to navigate the odd and dark world of being a comedian. Her life is further complicated by several people who mysteriously become obsessed with her.  And, unable to stop their feelings, these ‘Suitors’ all go to extraordinary lengths to win her over.

New School

New School is a recent and novel project for BCP.  Commissioned by De Agostini Editore for it’s tween network DeAKids, the show was written by Frank van Keeken and a team of writers (Patrick Sisam, Conor Casey, Andrée Bagosy, Amy Cole, Ian Malone, Lyndon Casey).  The first season of 26 episodes was written in English, and then translated into Italian, and then shot in Rome, Italy in the fall of 2017.  The first season is set to air in December of 2017, with season two already ordered by the broadcaster. Season two will air in the fall of 2018, with Beachwood Canyon Productions starting the writing process in early 2018.

The Next Step

The Next Step follows the lives of a group of elite dancers at The Next Step Dance Studio as they strive to win the Absolute Dance Internationals competition. The tightly knit team of dancers train, rehearse, and hang out together in a well-established social order. Led by star dancer, Emily, and the E-Girls, her band of dancers are used to running the dance studio. When a talented new girl, Michelle, joins The Next Step, the alliances and social balance of the studio are threatened as secrets, emotions, and cliques are exposed and challenged. With the dance championships fast approaching, A-Troupe needs to come together and resolve their issues and work as a team if they ever want to win the international title.

Season 1: 30 x 30 minutes. 2012
Season 2: 34 x 30 minutes. 2013
Season 3: 30 X 30 minutes. 2014
Season 4: 40 X 30 minutes. 2015
Season 5: 20 X 30 minutes. 2016
Season 6: 26 X 30 minutes. 2017

The Next Step is a series produced for Temple Street Productions. The show was created by Frank van Keeken.  Frank EP’d the first fours seasons of the show. Currently, over 180 episodes have been produced. It airs on Family Channel in Canada, the CBBC in the UK, and many other territories worldwide. The show is number one in most of its markets. The show is also airing on Universal Kids network in the USA.

2013 Shaw Rocket Prize. Best Independently Produced Canadian Children’s, Youth or Family Program.
2015 Children’s BAFTA Kids Vote
2016 Children’s BAFTA Kids Vote

All photography courtesy of Stephen Scott Photography.